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Toddlers in Hotel Beds

Whether going on vacation or just spending the night away from home, the question is always:

How will we get a good night’s sleep staying in a hotel room with kids?

If your kids are anything like mine, they basically hang off of their beds during the night.  My little guys often move like crazy in their sleep & sometimes they fall out of their beds.  At home we have guard rails and beds that are low to the floor, so it’s not an issue.  However, when we go to a hotel the beds are high up and never against a wall.

Typical portable mesh bed rails don’t work on these deluxe pillow top queen or king hotel beds either, so how do you keep them safe and get a good night’s sleep while on vacation?


THE PLAN (that failed): I have read stories of using a pool noodle as bed rails by placing them under the mattress cover or bottom sheet.  So, we brought a couple of pool noodles with us on our trip. However, this idea fell through because the fitted sheets would not fit back on the bed with the pool noodles underneath.

NEW IDEA: I wasn’t sure what we were going to do, but then I thought: Why not use the decorative cylinder shaped pillows that were on the hotel beds as the bed rails?  So we put them under the fitted sheet and since they were softer than the noodles, we were able to get the fitted sheet back on the bed. It worked perfectly and my boys stayed in their big king bed all week!  It was huge relief, since we were in another room down the hall in our vacation condo.


METHOD 1: Cylinder Pillow Bed Rails

Cylinder pillows seem to be the trend in most hotel rooms today.


Simply remove them from the beds. Next, pull up the bottom bed sheet and place long pillow(s) on edge of bed. Pull sheet down over pillows and make bed as usual. They work great!

Here are my boys in their big bed:


and here they are at bedtime after the cylinder pillow rails were added:



As you can see, they slept great!




Other Methods that may work for you:

METHOD 2: The Pool Noodle Bed Rail

Pull up bed sheet and/or mattress cover and place noodle underneath near edge of bed. Pull sheet down over noodle and make bed as usual. Works ONLY if you only have to add to just one side of the bed OR if the sheets aren’t fitted, didn’t work well for me on large hotel bed:

Pool noodlePoolNood

Method 3: Alternative Method

You didn’t bring pool noodles and the hotel doesn’t have decorative pillows?!

Here’s another trick to try – Rolled towels:

Rolled Towels

Roll up several towels, you may have to double them up, and just follow the same method described above.

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