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Green Treasure Slime

Since my grandmother is Irish, I like to do some fun things with my family for St. Patrick’s Day.  This year I found a recipe for “Treasure Slime” and decided that my young boys may really enjoy this activity.  It is a simple 2 ingredient slime recipe, which I decided to turn green for the occasion.  You then add glitter, sparkling gems, coins, or anything you want to the slime. I decided to do this project outdoors on a card table, since it involves lots of glitter.


Green Treasure Slime Recipe: 

1 Cup Liquid Starch (like Sta Flo)

2 Bottles of Elmers Clear or White Glue (8 oz. each)

Crayola Green Washable Paint (optional, may use any color washable paint or finger paint)

Glitter, sparkle confetti, and/or gems & coins


Step 1; Create slime base: Use a large bowl or container to mix the slime.  Start by adding both bottles of glue, next stir in paint to create a colored slime. Then stir in the liquid starch and the transformation magically happens!

wpid-20150316_165940.jpg wpid-20150316_170120.jpg wpid-20150316_170329.jpg

wpid-20150316_170448.jpg wpid-20150316_170513.jpg

Step 2: Dump in glitter and stir. Next add the treasures: confetti, gems, coins, etc.


wpid-20150316_170830.jpg wpid-20150316_170920.jpg

Step 3: Let your kids play with the slime and find treasures.  When done put lid on container to store the slime for another day.  You may also store in a ziplock storage bag.  It will keep for a long time.wpid-20150316_171807.jpeg

wpid-20150316_172011.jpg wpid-20150316_172029.jpg 

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