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Graduation Party

The beginning:

I am planning a high school graduation party for my oldest son. The graduation ceremony, or commencement, takes place Sunday, May 31st.  However, we have decided to have the party on Saturday, June 6th because I think a separate day will work out better for many, including my family.  I am booking a pavilion at the lake for the party because our road is going to be under construction this spring.

I have already been searching Pinterest almost daily and I have found so many great ideas, now I just need to begin shopping and tieing them all together.  So far the themes I want to incorporate include my son’s hobbies and sports.  His hobbies include: longboarding, kayaking, and canoeing.  The sports that he has played in throughout high school include: basketball and tennis.

My initial plans are to have a BBQ style party, manly or rustic decorations, as well as incorporate sports.  I have actually already found some great items at the local thrift shop such as: baskets, old wooden “Vintage” tennis racquets, and a miniature tennis table that I will use for a tray, cupcake, or cake stand. I bought a stack of silver buckets with rope handles at Target for $3 a piece the other day and I also bought a large poster sized frame on sale to make a collage. I picked up a few things at Gordmans as well, such as a glass beverage/lemonade picture with a spout for like $7 (they are going for 30-40 even on Amazon).  I just ordered a bean bag toss/”cornhole” game off of Amazon for $12 (normally $50).

I have started putting everything into a large bin and I already filled it, so I guess I may need a couple of more bins before I’m done. I am planning to use either our old rustic wheelbarrow or a canoe as a cooler (fill with ice and beverages) – another Pinterest idea at:

This is exciting and I am hoping that by all my planning and thrifting, I will be able to throw an amazing party for him!

Please share with me any ideas, menu items, or tips you have for me based on your experience or personal graduation party!?

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