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Melts my heart and makes my blood boil!

The drop-off:

Yesterday morning my 5-year-old, Dawson, says to me: “Mom, if I wink at the girls will they really chase me?” I told him that they might and he’d just have to try it and find out. Then I told him that a wink is a way to show someone you care about them or like them.

So, I drop him off to school and on his way up the sidewalk, he turns around and says “Hey mom!”. I say “what Dawson?”, he pauses and then winks at me with the biggest smile on his face that just melts my heart.  I must have the sweetest boy in all the world…all is forgotten.

As I may have mentioned in an earlier post, I have a 4-year-old son and a 5-year-old son.  I love them so much and they do the cutest things, but I must tell you that they are a handful and much of the time they make my blood boil!

Okay, so here’s what happens before the drop-off:

I asked the boys to get their coat and boots on and then Dawson decides to start using a glue stick.  “Get your hat & mittens on please”…2 minutes later: “Hat! Mittens!”

Parents who think their child may have ADD, most likely not, they are probably just this age (and possibly the male gender, sorry) and EVERY task is this way.  They cannot handle a single task without getting distracted or starting a brawl.

Oh and let’s not forget that when you gotta go, you gotta go.  Mikey, my 4-year-old, has to go NOW!

2015-01-16 01.36.50

Next, let’s get in the van.  This is another fun adventure, especially in the winter.  “Van, I said get in the van, not the snow pile!” Seriously,  if it weren’t for the fumes I would leave my garage door shut until they get in.  Why does the site of snow make them want to go full speed for the snow pile every time.  Then this morning my 4-year-old takes a run for it and wipes out flat on his back.  Did I not say “its sheer ice, come back!”.

It’s amazing that I get anywhere! But I do love my boys & with a wink of an eye, they can melt my heart.  Happy Valentines Day!

*This is a comical post and remarks may be exaggerated, not meant to offend anyone.  

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