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Get Noticed! Social Media as a FREE tool

How do I get my blog noticed and attract followers?  What are the best ways to utilize social media as a successful marketing tool for your company or business?   … Continue reading

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Hash Brown Quiche (using up those Easter leftovers!)

Hash Brown Quiche is one of my favorite recipes to make on a special occasion or just for a Sunday brunch. This is the alternative recipe which I made for … Continue reading

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Toddlers in Hotel Beds

Whether going on vacation or just spending the night away from home, the question is always: How will we get a good night’s sleep staying in a hotel room with … Continue reading

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Green Treasure Slime

Since my grandmother is Irish, I like to do some fun things with my family for St. Patrick’s Day.  This year I found a recipe for “Treasure Slime” and decided … Continue reading

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7 Best Practices When Choosing Flowers for Events

I have never put too much thought into flowers before, although I do love them. This article has some great tips that may help you out with your next big … Continue reading

February 23, 2015 · 2 Comments

5 Ingredient Blender Muffins

While I was browsing Facebook last night I came across this recipe and decided to try it!  It looked simple, just 5 ingredients, and healthy.  These muffins have all natural … Continue reading

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Literacy Lesson

Literacy Lesson. I have been following this blog “Teaching with Love” and there are some really great ideas.  If you have kids ages 3 thru 6 you will definitely appreciate … Continue reading

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